Enable two factor authentication (2FA)

Even if a hacker knows your password, with 2FA in place they still can’t get to your accounts. You can use 2FA for most email, social media, banking, and shopping accounts, as well as to access your devices.

Every site, app or device does 2FA slightly differently. Look at your account or privacy settings or check the help section. It can also be called ‘two-step authentication’ or ‘multi-factor authentication (MFA)’.

Turn on 2FA for all of your important accounts
Once it’s set up it’s as easy as entering an extra code when you log into a new device.

Keep your phone, device or hardware tokens in a safe place
Treat your device like a password or your keys and keep them safe. Keep using good password practices, such as using unique phrases.

Watch for rogue codes
If you receive a code for an account you weren’t trying to log in to, change your password – someone might be trying to access your account.

For more tips on stepping up your cyber security, go to www.cert.govt.nz/cybersmart

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