Get Cyber Smart – Protecting Privacy Policy

What you share on social media could be used by hackers to steal your identity or get into your online accounts. Be careful
about who sees what.

Check your privacy settings
On all of your social media accounts, check the privacy controls and set them so
only your friends and family can see your details.

Know who your friends are
Only accept friend invitations from people that you know in real life. People can
say what they like online, so make sure the people you’re adding as friends really
are someone you know personally.

Oversharing much?
Avoid posting too much personal information to your social media accounts. Even if you’ve locked your privacy settings down, it can be tricky to see when your posts have been shared. Most fields on social media are optional — you don’t have to fill them in.

All about me
Some websites ask you to set some account recovery questions in case you forget your password. Make sure the answers to these aren’t posted online or on social media – for example, the school you attended.

How to keep your data and your devices secure

• Apply all security updates to all systems on all your devices as soon as they’re available.
• Set your system preferences to update automatically.
• Remove any apps you don’t use any more from your devices.

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