Data Recovery BackupDisaster Recovery Solution & Online Backups

SecureCom can offer Disaster Recovery solutions within our Cloud environment, using our market leading online backup or on your premises. Each solution is tailor made to fit your business requirements and your budget.

We operate dual cloud centres in Hamilton and Auckland, linked by a secure high speed private managed WAN. Using the latest replication technology we can replicate your data in each cloud centre in real time, every hour or every day to ensure that if there was a disaster in Auckland we could get your business up and going again with minimal disruption.




Compliance is becoming an increasing issue these days with pressure from legislation and more Directors liabilities. Hand that responsibility to us. Our Disaster recovery solutions ensure that legislation and compliance issues are adhered to so your auditors can give you a clean bill of health, first time, every time.

Prevent Financial Loss

The inability to be able to work for even a few hours can be catastrophic to your revenue streams, not mention the risk of losing important client or financial data. A well planned and executed DR solution can avoid these risks and help secure your financial future.


Being able to reassure your clients that you have well managed and secure DR solution ensures your credibility with them remains intact, even if an unplanned event strikes your business.


A good DR solution will ensure that you will be able to continue to pay your staff at the very time when you need them most. If the company is having to cope with a significant event the last thing you need is you or your people having to worry about being paid


Don’t waste your precious time doing manual back-ups. Our solution will allow you to spend your time focusing on your business, backing up your business records at night while are you sleeping. We test the back-ups too, so know you can restore them in an emergency minimising downtime and maximising your productivity.

Information Loss

A well planned and executed disaster recovery programme will minimise the loss of important operational information. You can select from a range of options as to how often your data is backed up right through to real time replication.