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In determining where to begin your cybersecurity journey, SecureCom’s SIEM solution, can help to identify pain points within your current security posture and support the prioritisation of existing risks, to decide next steps and the best course of action.

With improved visibility across your network, you now have insight to abnormal behaviours, supported by current threat intelligence, which allow you to react and adapt accordingly.

Why Us?

One notable concern around SIEM solutions is the large volume of noise and false positive alerts, with the valuable addition of SecureCom SAFE, our proprietary alarm analytics tool, we provide a manageable number of alarms out of the Hundreds of Millions of Events generated each month.

The Human Analytics component of the SecureCom SIEM solution utilises the knowledge and experience of our CyberSecurity Analysts to turn indistinct data notifications into valuable information, in plain English, about the alarms being generated within AlienVault.

USM Features



Correlate and analyse logs and network traffic, looking for defined, and verified patterns


Asset Discovery

Know your environment – track history, and identify new, or previously unknown devices


Vulnerability Assessment

Discover vulnerabilities to prepare you to mitigate them before they are exploited


Threat Detection

Insight delivered by various sources, from network traffic, endpoint agents, and system logs


Behavioural Monitoring

Additional tools to support investigation, and identify suspicious activity

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