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SecureCom have wholesale partnership’s with both Spark and Vodafone. This allows us to utilise buying power to obtain better pricing. We can deliver a SIP trunk directly to your premises over a dedicated circuit, over our SecureCom WAN alongside data, or directly into our datacentre and connected directly to your hosted Telephony system.

If your SIP trunk, circuit or Telephony system goes down for whatever reason, we can have calls diverted to a mobile or group of mobiles to ensure you don’t miss any incoming calls. We can also offer carrier failover from both Spark and Vodafone through a dedicated SBC (Session Border Controller), if the primary carrier has a failure your calls can be diverted to the other carrier meaning your Telephony system can continue to function as per normal.

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Key Partnerships

We have direct relationships with the top 2 providers in NZ and direct access to their backed support teams resulting in faster resolution times.


Direct Connectivity

We have direct connectivity to Spark and Vodafone SIP switches. This means we can deliver a SIP trunk directly to our datacentre or over the SecureCom WAN without needing to pay for a dedicated circuit.

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