Overcoming the Obstacles of Virtual Meeting

It’s no surprise that more than 40% of New Zealand’s workforce1 have been working from home since August 2021. 

But as we become more comfortable with hybrid work structures, the classic “sorry, you’re on mute” or frustrating network issues are becoming outdated and unacceptable.

The hybrid meeting experience goes from painful to preferable

Introducing HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions; a new portfolio of conferencing and collaboration solutions connecting people at anytime from anywhere, powered by Intel® Core™ vPro® processors. 

Friction-free interactions

High quality voice, video, and sensor technology 

Real-time insights for improved user-experience and issue monitoring 

Customisable and scalable packages

Upgraded visuals with 3D interactive screen

Premium sensors to imitate an ‘in real life’ meeting

Catering to Businesses of Any Size

Bridge the divide between in-person and virtual meetings 

Empowering big and small meeting spaces through enabling seamless connectivity 

Experience engaging controls that make virtual meetings more personal

HP Presence interacts intuitively with users providing intelligent meeting experience

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