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Managed Services – TotalCARE

TotalCARE describes our approach to the management of your IT infrastructure. It is a comprehensive support service, that gives you monthly price certainty to effectively and efficiently manage your IT environment with a focus on lowering your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We use a systematic and proactive approach to ensure your IT environment is current, and through detailed knowledge of your set-up, we are able to respond quickly to all user needs. We ensure issues are dealt with efficiently with a clear single point of accountability.

You will have access to the skills of our highly qualified engineers, our service desk, and our 24×7 monitoring services. Furthermore, we guarantee our service by implementing strict service level agreements all for the fixed price per user, per month, allowing your business costs to scale up or scale down depending on your needs at any one time.

Clients implementing TotalCARE typically will experience:

  • Reduced Costs – through greater reliability and less direct staff costs.
  • Predictable Costs – TotalCARE is charged as a fixed monthly fee allowing you to confidently forecast your IT expenses all year round.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – through improved quality of service.
  • Improved productivity – TotalCARE ensures that your environment is always up to date, minimising downtime so that your team has access to the technology when they need It.
  • Improved monitoring – Your environment is proactively monitored from the desktop to the server so that any problems can be identified and rectified before they become major issues.
  • Improved IT Governance – By providing you with accurate and regular reporting on your environment, we are able lower your cost and improve the end user experience.

TotalCARE features the following:

  • A pricing model that is easy to understand with excellent reporting
  • Knowledge based learning which will help us drive cost down with a flexible service that can adapt to different workloads
  • High quality trained service desk staff incentivised on providing first time fix and high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Locally based New Zealand staff who understand your company and your environment
  • Governance to review reports and execute positive review and change – cost improvements
  • Skills –access to highly skilled Level 1.5 Service Desk Engineers and Level 2 & 3 engineers with a breath of expertise to keep pace with new technologies including Cisco Meraki and Microsoft Modern Workplace
  • 24×7 Service –our expert Service Desk provides 24/7 support. Service levels –comprehensive service levels to maximise system up-time and manage escalations
  • Processes –best practice IT and security processes and automated workflows to manage change
  • Automation Tools –industry standard tools for ticketing, monitoring and automated workflows
  • Securecom Total Insights governance and reporting model for continuous improvement
  • Smile Back –our Customer Survey tool which allows end users to provide feedback on what was good, and what needs improvement, which we then incorporate through process improvement

While TotalCARE provides a fixed cost for your IT support & services we believe that the only way to make ICT add true value is through continuous improvement, by lowering your costs and improving the user experience. To achieve this we developed Total INSIGHTS, an award winning service which delivers Business Information (BI) in a way that enables you to easily understand the areas where you can save money and improve efficiency.(Hyperlink on website)

Supporting this is a best practice governance model to ensure actions are captured and acted on, with progress reporting, giving total visibility to your business, freeing up your time to focus on other important business issues.

Microsoft Modern Work

Microsoft plays an increasingly important role in the IT strategy of most New Zealand businesses. Whether you are looking to migrate your business to the cloud, move your Office environment to 365 or considering your cyber-security options it is likely that you be including Microsoft somewhere in this mix.

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