Maximize Business Potential with Cloud Services

Utilising cloud services enables the flexibility that your business requires. Resolve issues quickly with 24/7 remote support, and plan for business growth with ongoing IT strategy.

For many NZ businesses, the adoption of Cloud computing is a core consideration when planning their digital transformation strategy. Choosing a Cloud platform is a challenging decision as the variety of options continues to grow with private to public to hybrid to multi cloud all being possible options for NZ businesses. Each option is unique, and each approach solves a different problem.

Our approach is to work with you to understand your business requirements and then recommend and implement the most appropriate Cloud platform. This typically involves mapping out a path to the cloud, taking into consideration your existing investments, suitability of your existing software applications and associated costs.

The outcome is a Cloud solution designed specifically for you needs that is easy to manage, gives you the performance you need, is cost effective and most importantly, secure.

We work with you to get the full value from your cloud computing investment not just as a one-off tactical move, but as part of a complete strategy to enable digital transformation. We help you to cut through the jargon and implement a cloud strategy that is right for your business and delivers on the unique set of outcomes that your company demands.

Public Cloud – Microsoft Azure

Azure is built on technologies that enable you to move to the cloud with confidence. We have seen first-hand the digital transformation that Microsoft Azure offers – that is the ‘glue’ that brings together people, processes, business applications and data growth without leaving security, scalability or analytics behind.

Based on your business requirements, we can help you figure out the best approach to cloud development, the best strategy you can use and how to deal with uncertainties – subscription pricing and security. We believe Azure’s value proposition across IaaS and PaaS infrastructures is there to make you stand out from the competition and achieve superior disaster recovery.

Over the years we have partnered with Microsoft to deliver specialist infrastructure and hosting services across various industries, Health, Financial services, Professional services, Manufacturing and the Retail sector.

The result:

  • Quickly leverage your own data centre in the cloud without upfront investment in infrastructure
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Effectively save from simplified licensing, and reduced hardware and maintenance costs
  • Scale capacity quickly and cheaply in response to demand
  • Leverage the blueprint of cloud features that are compliance ready
  • Get high availability for little outlay

Microsoft 365

Microsoft plays an increasingly important role in the IT strategy of most New Zealand businesses. Whether you are looking to migrate your business to the cloud, move your Office environment to 365 or considering your cyber-security options it is likely that you will be including Microsoft somewhere in this mix.

How we can help

With the plethora of new applications and services that Microsoft has introduced in the past few years, it can be challenging to understand what to use and what to leave. We have specialists who work with you to help navigate your way through the complexity to achieve a simple model and roadmap that it best for your business, which often results in just unlocking the value you already have invested in Microsoft licenses.

Securecom has developed an advanced Modern Workplace platform that has been optimised for additional security for New Zealand and International businesses:

  • IdentityCARE
  • Device Protection
  • FileGUARD
  • FileCARE
  • Microsoft Licensing Assessments

Private Cloud

Securecom provides a scalable “PrivateCLOUD” platform, based in New Zealand that allows every instance to be tailored to each client and their individual application and business requirements.

The Securecom PrivateCLOUD is a flexible, high performance solution that is ideal for businesses with specific requirements for:

  • Performance – ideal for applications not built specifically for cloud
  • Separation of archive and production storage
  • Data sovereignty
  • Migration from existing servers, over time
  • Applications that are latency sensitive
  • 24/7 Engineering support for application maintenance

PrivateCLOUD provides virtual servers, storage,  backup,  core  networking,  core  platform  monitoring  and  associated services for a set monthly fee.

The platform is built on industry leading technologies to provide a highly available and robust service. With direct control and active management by Securecom  infrastructure  experts,  the  PrivateCLOUD  platform  offers  predictable  and consistent  performance,  particularly  for  applications  that  may  not  be  fit  for  purpose  in  a  public  cloud  platform.  For example, important local  applications  where  latency  is  critical  to  performance or  legacy  applications  that  require significant investment to modernize.

The platform features:

  • New Zealand based datacentres, with geographic diversity, meeting low latency connectivity and data sovereignty requirements
  • Multi-tenanted shared platform, with each customer isolated from another at multiple levels. Giving clients economical access to leading technology
  • Multiple options of storage to meet performance and price point needs
  • Options for managed backup and replication
  • Redundancy and capacity management
  • High visibility and transparency of platform performance reporting
  • The ability to create bespoke solutions
  • 24×7 core platform monitoring and support

Object Storage as a Service (OSaaS)

Securecom provides a local Object Storage platform that is S3-compatible in both a performance tier and a capacity tier. This is ideal for businesses that have requirements for:

  • Data sovereignty
  • Low latency
  • Cost effective
  • Ease of use

Securecom’s OSaaS solution is natively compatible with backup solutions such as Veeam and CommVault, Kubernetes, file storage or any other platform that supports S3 Object Storage.

Why Securecom

Our business is owned and managed by experienced technology executives who, among other things, have launched the country’s first cloud offering and helped to grow one of the NZ’s largest managed services companies.

With us, you know that IT is in reliable hands.

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