The rules have changed. With work arrangements more flexible than ever before, businesses need to find effective solutions to keep their teams connected and collaborative no matter where they are. Technologies like HP Presence have come on the scene to do just that. In this article we give you a rundown of how your business can use it’s AI-driven features to achieve seamless meeting experiences with minimal disruptions.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Have I analysed the productivity impact of remote working?
  • Do I understand what technologies a flexible workforce needs?
  • Have I identified potential security gaps and risks?
  • Do I have a plan in place if we need to go 100% remote in a hurry due to a natural disaster or other factors?
  • Have I considered how to improve workforce collaboration?

Intuitive Interactions Between Employees

From webcams to PCs, soundbars, interactive displays, and laptops, HP have created a suite of products that work seamlessly together to make interactions as natural as possible. These feature a range of AI-driven capabilities that help people feel like they’re in the room with high quality video and audio.

For example, Auto Frame keeps you in the shot even when you move and uses automatic Lowlight and Backlight adjustments to make sure your video is as clear as possible. To complete the experience, technology like AI Noise Reduction keeps the audio crystal clear so pets, doorbells, and other surrounding sounds don’t disrupt conversations. View our HP Presence Meeting Solutions infographic  to get a quick overview of a couple of it’s great collaboration features.

Adaptable to Meetings of Any Size

Different businesses require different setups. That’s why HP Presence is designed to be flexible and fit with any format—from small business to large enterprise. This also gives businesses the opportunity to find a solution that fits with their budget. A large interactive display screen may be necessary for a big enterprise or a company that relies on graphics (such as an architecture firm) but may not be as suitable for a smaller business that is running on a tight budget.

Works Seamlessly with Your Tools

As businesses leverage the power of tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, it’s important that your other technology works perfectly with it. HP Presence is simple and easy to configure, fitting in with your existing IT management system and software tools. This helps create and maintain smooth meeting experiences whether your employees are in the office or at home.

When it comes to modern work setups, the core goal is to gain a competitive advantage by achieving better collaboration, productivity, and flexibility. With hardware, software, and systems that work seamlessly together, your business can thrive in our hybrid work world.

Intelligent Analytics

HP Presence also has features such as HP Presence Insights, Manager, and Room Assistant to measure performance, record and resolve issues, and gain visibility into meeting experiences. The suite of technology helps your business optimise the experience as you go by interacting intuitively with users and delivering useful analytics back to IT. This allows you to reconfigure room and device settings or relocate underutilised speakers or cameras to make sure you’re getting the most value out of your setup.

Are your meeting experiences keeping up with modern demands? If you’re facing disruptions and challenges with employee engagement and collaboration, it might be time to re-evaluate your setup. If you’d like expert advice, get in touch  with our team for an obligation-free chat about how you can achieve better productivity and collaboration in our hybrid world.