Microsoft New Zealand has celebrated the outstanding achievements of its Aotearoa partner network at the recent 14th annual Microsoft Partner Awards. Microsoft is delighted to announce that Securecom was a winner in the Surface category.

The Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards recognise innovative partners who are demonstrating inventive use of digital technology and are open to all Microsoft partners big and small. While 2021 was a challenging year, that didn’t stop Microsoft’s incredible partners from delivering some excellent work for their customers that have helped them transform, boost their resilience, or support their customers and all New Zealanders to achieve more. Securecom’s work to support Mercy Hospice is a perfect example of this.

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Matt Bostwick, Partner Director at Microsoft New Zealand says, “Usually something like receiving new laptops or devices is seen as purely about hardware – but it’s really about the change that hardware can create for real human beings. Recognising that is why Securecom so richly deserves this award. By equipping Mercy Hospice’s teams with portable Surface devices that reduce the amount of paperwork and admin involved in running a hospice, Securecom has doubled the number of people they can help. That’s huge.”

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