1_Cloud_ServicesCloud Based Solutions

99.9% uptime GUARANTEE !!!


SecureCom is able to offer a cloud solution based on our infrastructure hosted at the Vodafone data centres. Our cloud solutions allows you to access your  computer systems from anywhere at any time via an internet connection.

You only pay for the service you use, consequently the cost of the solution is scalable with your business. SecureCom operates state of the art infrastructure with the latest technologies ensuring our clients access a reliable secure computer solution.

With cloud computing you have access to user based licensing. This is a monthly licence fee which enables you to have the latest version of Microsoft Products without having the costly upgrade fees. You can add and remove licences on a monthly basis depending on how many users need access to the system.

We provide a dedicated firewall that protects our clients IT Infrastructure from threats on the internet. Our firewall is configured to stop events that lead to data loss, theft, infected workstations and other attacks. The firewall determines what traffic is allowed to flow both in and out of the network keeping the infrastructure protected and secure.


Fixed monthly cost allowing for accurate budgeting.

Automatic Updates

Microsoft Updates can be scheduled to install approved updates automatically.

Remote Access

Employees and partners can access their information any time from any where.


Your systems are protected from any onsite disasters.

Response Time

Cloud computing accomplishes a better response time than your standard server and hardware.

Reduced Capital Costs

Cloud computing reduces your overall IT expenses and you only pay for what you use.

Less operational issues

Cloud computing allows you to deploy the same suite of services repetitively, with the same result every time.


You can scale your business storage needs effortlessly. You have the ability to add new IT services without capital outlay on a per user per month basis.

24 / 7

365 days a year proactive operational support and fault identification, providing improved response times for problem identification and resolution.

Business Agility

Getting computer resources you need when you need them.