Modern Work

Microsoft 365 comprises of an end-to-end solution that encourages creativity, collaboration and productivity without compromising on security and protection of your company data.

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Microsoft Azure

Azure is built on technologies that enable you to move to the cloud with confidence. We have seen firsthand the digital transformation that Microsoft Azure offers – that is the ‘glue’ that brings...

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IdentityCARE has been designed to protect end users from the cyber threats that are challenging organisations every hour of the day. Utilising Microsoft 365 cloud services SecureCom can increase the security posture of the first line of defence with advanced configurations and end user awareness training.

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FileCARE cloud backup from SecureCom addresses this risk ensuring that Microsoft 365 can be recovered at any time with backups 4 times a day across Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Planner etc. With plans for unlimited retention and unlimited storage, FileCARE can ensure you data is not at risk from intentional or unintentional deletion.

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Why SecureCom

Our business is owned and managed by experienced technology executives who, among other things, have launched the country’s first cloud offering and helped to grow one of the NZ’s largest managed services companies.

With us, you know that IT is in reliable hands.