Network Consulting

Our consultants can advise on and assist our customers with the delivery of desired network state outcomes, with experience across carrier grade and large enterprise networks.

Advice on and assistance with the delivery of desired network state outcomes.

Our network consultants have decades of experience across the design, document, test and build aspects of computer networking. We have worked on some of the biggest networks in the country including mobile core and backhaul, greenfield MPLS builds for utilities and large complex enterprises with 15+ sites nationwide.

Our network engineering consultants can:

  • Work with you at the conceptual and architectural design phase of your network project, providing CTO level input and assisting with the technology and associated vendor choices directly or through providing guidance at the RFP stage
  • Create detailed design documentation for new builds, or through an audit process we can reverse engineer existing environments and supply design information retrospectively
  • Create and execute dedicated test plans tailored for your network environment builds or integrations
  • Perform the actual deployment tasks either hands-on or through the creation of network configuration procedures executed by our customers engineers
  • Our team is familiar with legacy networking technologies and the consolidation of or migration away from these. We are skilled across wired and wireless, control systems and telephony signalling. We have experience with traditional deployment and management methods as well as modern software defined, infrastructure-as-code and network automation & orchestration approaches

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Our business is owned and managed by experienced technology executives who, among other things, have launched the country’s first cloud offering and helped to grow one of the NZ’s largest managed services companies. With us, you know that IT is in reliable hands.

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