LifeCycle Management Solutions

How we can help

We appreciate that the procurement process of hardware and software can be a time consuming process. We can remove the hassle factor for you, while ensuring that you’re always getting the best price and have full visibility of your assets.

Securecom LifeCycle Management Solutions (LCM) is a complete end to end management service for all of your Hardware and Software needs including:

  • Inventory Management reports
  • Managed Asset register
  • Lifecycle reports for assets including upcoming warranty expiry dates
  • Fully managed images for desktops, laptops and mobile devices (if required)
  • Environmentally responsible disposal services for assets that have no residual value
  • A single monthly invoice which includes all costs associated with procurement and provisioning of the assets

USM Features

Securecom will give you:
1 Access to Our Strong Partnerships with All Major Suppliers
2 Full Lifecycle Information of All Your IT Assets
3 An Environmentally Responsible Disposal Services For Assets

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