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How to improve your customer sat while reducing your TCO


The challenge that many businesses are facing today is not so much a lack of data, but a lack of information. In many cases, there is so much data available that it becomes overwhelming, and in fact almost impossible to gain any real business insights from this valuable resource. This was certainly the case that we have found when speaking to many of our customers and contacts in New Zealand businesses.

They told us that what they needed was not just more information but a better perspective. A way to view key information about their IT environment and costs, relative to their business priorities, in a way that enabled them to quickly identify challenges and opportunities, so they could make informed business decisions using this information.

As a result of this demand, we created Total INSIGHTS. A business solution that gives you a perspective as to what is driving your IT costs and impacting your business efficiency, coupled with a proven governance model that ensures that decisions are acted on and followed through, to ensure that the business benefits are delivered.

What is it?

Total INSIGHTS is a Business Information (BI) tool that provides you with insights into your IT infrastructure and support services, combined with a best practice Governance model designed to move your business forward.

Total INSIGHTS includes;

• A perspective on your key IT issues driving cost and business inefficiencies.
• A comprehensive view of all of your systems and their current status from a security and patch management stance
• A monthly report that makes “data talk” using plain English, supported by a graphical dashboard
• A month by month forecast of upcoming capital and opex costs based on software licensing and hardware warranty expiry dates
• Regular monthly meetings with an IT professional to agree priorities and actions
• A best practice governance model to ensure actions are captured, acted with progress reported giving total visibility to your business

Benefits to You


Better Control of your IT costs


Oversight of business security posture


Accurate forecast of upcoming capital and opex costs


Unlock business value from data


Ability to prioritise IT decisions based on Business Insights


Frees up your time to focus on innovation and other important business issues

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