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Microsoft 365 comprises of an end-to-end solution that encourages creativity, collaboration and productivity without compromising on security and protection of your company data. It allows business owners to simply and easily manage a range of BYOD and company-owned devices as well as the data contained on those devices. Control the flow of sensitive information out of your company, while unleashing the collaboration and communication within it.

With such a solution, it becomes critical to partner with someone who understands the real-world business applications so that its benefits can be realised. SecureCom has a proven track-record with Microsoft Cloud Solutions and is a Tier-One Cloud Solution Provider, meaning that SecureCom has a direct line of support with Microsoft enabling us to quickly resolve any issues from troubleshooting and diagnosis to resolution.

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Why Us?


Tier-One CSP Direct Support

Working with us, a Tier-One Cloud Solutions Provider, means that you leverage our direct connection to Microsoft making it an easy journey to set up and manage Microsoft 365 instances for both small and large organisations.


Security and Compliance

Aligned with our SecureCom brand, you will always be assured that we have both quality and security frameworks at the heart of our business operations. By combining project management with Microsoft 365 offering, your projects will be delivered accurately, professionally and within set time to ensure that you have a great experience.


Dedicated Team

We have a knowledgeable 24X7 Dedicated Support team to help with those mundane solution management tasks and certified resources on hand to help with proper designing and smooth deployment.


Proven deployment methodology

We are best placed to help you enable and take advantage of the benefits offered through Microsoft 365. In fact, we are our own best credential. We apply tested and proven deployment methodologies while making reference to past work across various industries: Healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, professional services, retail and non-governmental organisations.

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