Microsoft Azure

How we can help

Azure is built on technologies that enable you to move to the cloud with confidence. We have seen firsthand the digital transformation that Microsoft Azure offers – that is the ‘glue’ that brings together people, processes, business applications and data growth without leaving security, scalability or analytics behind. Based on your business requirements, we can help you figure out the best approach to cloud development, the best strategy you can use and how to deal with uncertainties – subscription pricing and security. We believe Azure’s value proposition across IaaS and PaaS infrastructures is there to make you stand out from the competition and achieve superior disaster recovery.

Securecom utilises Azure Services

Over the years Securecom has partnered with Microsoft to deliver specialist infrastructure and hosting services across various industries; Health, Financial services, Professional services, Manufacturing and the Retail sector.

The result:

  • Quickly leverage your own data centre in the cloud without upfront investment in infrastructure
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Effectively save from simplified licensing, and reduced hardware and maintenance costs
  • Scale capacity quickly and cheaply in response to demand
  • Leverage the blue print of cloud features that are compliance ready
  • Get high availability for little outlay

Why Securecom

Securecom has a large installation of Microsoft products. In fact, we are our own best credential. Because we have done this time and time again, we know what success looks like and we know the results you should expect.

We add value to Azure cloud presence by delivering a highly automated and proven delivery methodology through Migration and Managed Services offerings.

It’s time your IT delivered results

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