Microsoft 365 with Dedicated Support

How we can help

With the plethora of new applications and services that Microsoft has introduced in the past few years, it can be challenging to understand what to use and what to leave. We have specialists who work with you to help navigate your way through the complexity to achieve a simple model and roadmap that it best for your business, which often results in just unlocking the value you already have invested in Microsoft licenses.

Securecom has developed an advanced Modern Workplace platform that has been optimised for additional security for New Zealand and International businesses:

  • IdentityCARE
  • Device Protection
  • FileGUARD
  • FileCARE
  • Microsoft Licensing Assessments


This includes MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and will protect your mailboxes from unsafe attachments and expanding protection against malicious links, it complements the security features of Exchange online protection to provide better zero-day security.

Device Protection

As organisations utilise more cloud services, data is accessed and synchronised to multiple devices. Using Securecom’s Device Protection, key stakeholders can rest easy knowing the devices are encrypted and adhere to organisational standards.


Understanding where your data is and who has access to it is key to protecting organisations intellectual property. FileGUARD allows organisations to set virtual boundaries for information to ensure only the intended recipients have access to the information. Classification systems are used to categorise data and provide auditable and revocation controls.


There are times when shared documents are deleted by users and then weeks later discovered and required to be restored. FileCARE cloud backup from Securecom addresses this risk ensuring that Microsoft 365 can be recovered at any time with backups 4 times a day across Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Planner etc.

Microsoft Licensing Assessments

Given the level of investment that most companies make with Microsoft, it’s very surprising that very few companies regularly and thoroughly review their Microsoft 365 and Cloud licensing strategy with an expert to make sure they have the right model in place to support their business strategy. As your business changes over time, it’s prudent to make sure your Microsoft Cloud licensing is optimised for your business, you only pay for what you need, and you are compliant with your software licensing obligations.

We offer New Zealand businesses free Microsoft 365 and Cloud licensing assessments from one of our licensing experts. We recommend the best contract for your business strategy and quantify possible cost savings opportunities you could make. We have seen savings of up to 40% with some clients when reviewing their Microsoft licensing arrangements.


IdentityCARE has been designed to protect end users from the cyber threats that are challenging organisations every hour of the day. Utilising Microsoft 365 cloud services Securecom can increase the security posture of the first line of defence with advanced configurations and end user awareness training.


FileCARE cloud backup from Securecom addresses this risk ensuring that Microsoft 365 can be recovered at any time with backups 4 times a day across Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Planner etc. With plans for unlimited retention and unlimited storage, FileCARE can ensure you data is not at risk from intentional or unintentional deletion.

Why Us?

1 Tier-One CSP Direct Support
Working with us, a Tier-One Cloud Solutions Provider, means that you leverage our direct connection to Microsoft making it an easy journey to set up and manage Microsoft 365 instances for both small and large organisations.
2 Security And Compliance
Aligned with our Securecom brand, you will always be assured that we have both quality and security frameworks at the heart of our business operations. By combining project management with Microsoft 365 offering, your projects will be delivered accurately, professionally and within set time to ensure that you have a great experience.
3 Dedicated Team
We have a knowledgeable 24X7 Dedicated Support team to help with those mundane solution management tasks and certified resources on hand to help with proper designing and smooth deployment.
4 Proven Deployment Methodology
We are best placed to help you enable and take advantage of the benefits offered through Microsoft 365. In fact, we are our own best credential. We apply tested and proven deployment methodologies while making reference to past work across various industries: Healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, professional services, retail and non-governmental organisations.

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