Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Fully managed SD-WAN and Cloud-Based Security service offering using best-of-breed SASE technology as a premium managed services provider.

A convergence of network and security in a single cloud-native service.

SASE (pronounced “sassy”), is an emerging cybersecurity concept that Gartner described in their August 2019 report as ‘The Future of Network Security in the Cloud’. It is a convergence of SD-WAN and Cloud Native Security capabilities into a cloud provided service that can be managed via a single pane of glass.

A SASE deployment model assists organisations to:

    • Improve flexibility through increased facilitation of decentralised working environments including remote workers and cloud-based services
    • Reduce costs through eliminating investment in on-premise hardware providing specialised security capabilities (e.g., IPS capable firewalls)
    • Reduce complexity by consolidating multiple functions into a single as-a-service provided platform. For example, a comprehensive SASE solution includes SD-WAN, CASB, SWG, IPS, Anti-Malware and other features inside the one product
    • Improve performance through WAN optimisation, decentralised network access and fewer components
    • Increase security through the use of IPS, Anti-Malware, ZTNA, DDoS Protection and other security features built inherently into the solution
    • Scale near infinitely due to the network intelligence and security functions being performed natively in a cloud context

Securecom has certified SASE experts who can provide a full turn-key SASE migration and ongoing management service for organisations of any size. We have partnered with an industry leading SASE provider who built their solution cloud-native from the outset; i.e., they set out to create such a capability in the first instance and have not relied on acquisitions or bolting together disparate products to create the outcome. A dedicated New Zealand POP means reliable network performance is possible.

Securecom assesses the needs of our customers and packages an associated SASE solution accordingly; enabling the features that make sense for each given scenario. Integrated into our Managed Services business, we can provide a cost effective one-stop-shop for any support, moves, adds and changes that a given SASE deployment requires.

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