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  • 86% of breaches are financially motivated
  • 22% of breaches involve phishing
    *Source Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2020

Your Company

  • Your team is the last line of defense for cyber security.
  • Your reputation, data, finances, and intellectual property are on the line.
  • Do you know how your team will perform if phished?
  • Do you know your current exposure level?

The Solution

Not unlike health and safety, businesses need to establish an ongoing program of cyber security awareness training.

SecureCom has several solutions that help to build your team into cyber aware human firewalls.


CATPhish allows you to test your staff and understand how they will react in a controlled manner. This service delivers simulated phishing emails where the user handling of the emails is tracked and reported on.

This allows identification of weaknesses or training gaps before they are exploited.

Typically, we see, for new customers, around 30% of their staff clicking on simulated phishing emails.

The testing is backed up with online training and digital artwork. Maintaining cyber security awareness is critical.

This service is offered as either a managed solution or a license only self-drive option. CATPhish is powered by KnowBe4, the Gartner leading in Cyber Security Awareness training.


USAT is an instructor lead 2 hours training session delivered in person or across video conferencing. Online training is not for everyone. These sessions are interactive where participants are encouraged to ask questions or discuss real world experiences.

These sessions are great for kick starting your Cyber Security Awareness program or employee onboarding.

Cyber Security is not unlike health and safety. Do you have a plan?

Phishing is the most common security incident.
We recommend you read this report from
The Australian Cyber Security Centre for Statistics
July 2019 - June 2020.

For Company Management check out this page from the National Cyber Security Centre in New Zealand.