Endpoint Detection and Response

How we can help

With the rise of flexible working, 70% of cyber breaches originate from endpoints such as laptops and workstations (Source IDC). With more people working remotely, protecting your endpoints and data is more important than ever, and traditional antivirus solutions are no longer sufficient for the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service is a fully managed monitoring service that provides 24/7 automated response, backed by our highly skilled Security Analysts, and built on Microsoft’s leading Defender for Endpoint security technology. We help protect your business operations and information by detecting, analysing and automatically responding to threats, including malware and ransomware.

EDR replaces legacy anti-virus to match the techniques, tools, processes and pace of the modern malware crime industry. In addition to standard, signature-based malware detection, Defender for Endpoint uses automated behavioural analysis, machine learning and other advanced techniques to identify and block risky, suspicious, or malicious behaviours – such as unusual process execution, unauthorised file access attempts or unexpected user behaviour.

We enhance these advanced capabilities by overlaying our Security Operations expertise. This is essential to ensure that alerts are investigated promptly, and that the platform is continuously optimised to reduce false positives.

Our Security Operations Centre expands your cyber defence capabilities, providing expert analysis, risk-based prioritisation, and comprehensive remediation recommendations, to ensure that any threats are identified, triaged, and contained as effectively as possible.

Why Us?

1 Stronger And Simpler Security Without Impacting Employee Productivity
2 Block Techniques Used To Stop Endpoint Communication With Attackers’ Servers
3 Enables Better Protection That Saves IT Time And Cost
4 Reduces Incident Response Time From Hours To Minutes

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