Endpoint Detection and Response

How we can help

Your cyber environment is only as secure as your endpoints. Regardless of your size, every organisation is a target and traditional antivirus solutions no longer cater for the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Our next-generation endpoint protection solution builds on the foundations of traditional anti-virus, to apply evolved techniques to not just identify a bad file, but determine risky or suspicious behaviours associated with potential infection or compromise. It has the capabilities to provide specific protection dependant on the endpoint, whether it be PCs, servers, or mobile devices to secure the various risk entry points.

Encompassing the security of these devices is the Prevention, Detection, and Response to threats to provide comprehensive protection against all stages of endpoint cyber threats.

Reduce the likelihood of threats making it to the environment in the first place.
In the event a threat breaches the prevention controls, catch it in the act.
Take action on the detection by supporting analysis and clean up.

Why Us?

1 Stronger And Simpler Security Without Impacting Employee Productivity
2 Block Techniques Used To Stop Endpoint Communication With Attackers’ Servers
3 Enables Better Protection That Saves IT Time And Cost
4 Reduces Incident Response Time From Hours To Minutes

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