Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO)

How we can help

Many organisations require a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to maintain the security requirements and deliver the ongoing security deliverables that are required as they work toward certification. A full time CISO is often not practical or affordable so in these instances Securecom CyberSecurity Services can provide a Virtual CISO (Virtual CISO)

A virtual security officer provides the benefit of recommending solutions that weave together technical excellence and organisational engagement for a fixed amount of hours per month, guaranteeing cost certainty while you continue to move on your business security deliverables.

The Virtual Security Officer also provides guidance to your company to adopt safe business practices helping you fulfill your promise to safeguard the company’s critical information assets across space and time.

Why Securecom

Our business is owned and managed by experienced technology executives who, among other things, have launched the country’s first cloud offering and helped to grow one of the NZ’s largest managed services companies. With us, you know that IT is in reliable hands.

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