User Security Awareness Training

How we can help

Uninformed employees are the biggest threat to your organisation, small or large, everyone is a target.

Securecom’s User Security Awareness Training (USAT) is a solution for improving everyone’s interest in security to prevent you from falling victim to social engineered attacks. This training will inform and remind your employees of ‘red flags’ in cyberspace, security responsibilities, policies and incident reporting.

We institute company-wide security awareness training that not only meets your employees’ needs and compliance requirements but reduces risk in your organisation by changing behaviour.

The workshop option is popular and designed to be presented in groups of up to 20 people, a 2 hour highly interactive session with a 15-minute break. So far, we have delivered over 50 workshops across organisations in various industries such as legal, charity, banking and health.

At the end of the workshop, a knowledge exchange exercise “speed dating” to recap on the key points of the course is undertaken by the participants.

Let us deploy a training program that is right for your size and culture.

Why Us?

“We noticed that spear phishing attacks were more sophisticated and seemed to understand the style of different executives and employees especially on public profiles. By rolling our Cybersecurity Awareness program in partnership with Securecom, the bank employees stayed one step ahead of the spear phishers.”
1 Improved Employee Security Awareness
2 Training Content That Is Current And Positively Engaging
3 Mitigate Employee Risk To Your Company Information And Costly Errors
4 Turn Employees To Active Barriers Against Cyber Attacks
5 Meet Compliance Requirements And Industry Best Practice

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